License Plate Number Recognition System for CCTV System

- In this system, CCTVs are installed in roads or crime-prone areas to suppress criminal sentiment and create a stable living environment by quickly grasping the situation.

System features

- Provides clear images by applying high-resolution cameras.
- Enables multi-lane detection and recognition by megapixel high-resolution cameras.
- Performs duplex vehicle detection by operating image detection or loop detection.
- Uses self-developed IR LED to obtain clear image quality and accurate number recognition.
- Provides video streaming and various statistics / search functions.

Vehicle-mounted License Plate Number Recognition System

- This system recognizes license plate number day and night by mounting cameras and lights on vehicles.
System features

- Provides clear images by applying high-resolution cameras.
- Links with the camera to obtain license plate and save background image simultaneously.
- Non trigger type method.
- High Speed Pan/Tilt applied.
- Easy operation with touch screen, joystick, etc.

Application fields

- Illegal parking detection.
- Criminal vehicle detection.
- Indebted vehicle detection.

Single Type
Double Type

Bus-mounted License Plate Number Recognition System

- This system detects illegal vehicles at bus stops, roadside and bus lanes, in order to keep smooth traffic flow and stable public transportation.

System features

- Can detect and recognize license plate number of violating vehicles at a high recognition rate.
- Can manage detection data by using wireless communication network.
- Can check the location of the detection by using GPS signal.
- Detection data are encrypted.
- Provides various statistics and search functions.

Application fields

- Illegal parking detection.
- Bus lane restriction violating vehicle detection.

Illegal Parking Detection System

- This system detects illegal parking that interferes with traffic flow and causes inconvenience to citizens.

System features:

- Provides clear images with high-resolution Speed Dome cameras.
- Enables simultaneous license plate number recognition by wide area.
- Performs fast and accurate detection and recognition using deep learning.
- Also used for CCTV system besides illegal parking detection time.
- Operates up to 32 channels in operation a server.


- 2M pixel global shutter camera.

System features

- Can capture distortion-free images of objects moving at high speed.
- Uses 1/1.8 inch CMOS sensor to provide high-definition images in various environments.
- Provides H264 up to 30FPS 1920*1080 resolution.
- Provides H264, MJPEG dual streaming.
- Provides clear license plate identification even at night (IR LED TYPE).
- Provides vehicle detection function (optional).


- Integrated sales management service for online travel/ticket products.

System features

- Provides integrated sales management to management companies.
- Provides integrated order management of sales channels such as Coupang, Timon, Gmarket, etc.
- Provides ticket use/refund processing and pin sending processing.